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Thread Ball Lampion

Lampu Tidur Lucu, terbuat dari bahan benang, dirangkai sedemikian rupa, dipadu dengan kreasi model kartun atau Emotion Blackberry atau YM sehingga menjadi unik, lucu, menarik dan alami.

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Bahan Lampion

1. Bahan: benang 2. Diameter Besar antara : ( 20 cm) 3. Diameter Kecil antara : ( 15 cm) 4. Pelengkap: lampu jari 5 W, kabel 1,25 m, dudukan kayu/other.

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Cara Pengiriman

1. untuk wilayah dalam kota Babat, lampu bisa kami antar ke tempat Anda GRATIS dan atau ada biaya transport antara Rp 5.000 s.d 10.000, tergantung jauh dekatnya tempat. 2. Untuk dalam kota pembayaran lampu bisa tunai di tempat (COD) 3. untuk di luar Lamongan , harga belum termasuk ongkos kirim. 4. Untuk pembelian partai harga bisa nego 5. Untuk pemesanan yang telah di sepakati dan di kirim tidak bisa retur / di tukar

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Ardhys Lampion Benang adalah inovasi kreatif dalam bidang lampion dengan varian produk yang variatif dengan fitur yang estetik dan harga yang kompetitif

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Unlimited color options

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As you can see, Superb is versatile wordpress theme that can be used for just about anything.

5 custom plugins worth $100 included

Superb comes with 5 professional built in plugins, designed and developed by us. These plugins include:

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  • uContact – Contact form plugin
Create cool tours like this one in minutes!
Now you can create cool “Take the tour” elements in  no time. All you need to do is use the built in tour funcionality, which lets you insert tour to the page of your choice via shortcode. Your tour can be edited in the dialog box, so you basically don’t have to touch the code once!
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Tons of shortcodes with UI manager

Superb is super easy to use. To ease your life even more, we prepared a huge set of many shortcodes that will let you insert practically anything into your content. We have shortcodes for just about everything, google maps, google charts, blog posts, typography, layouts, tours etc.

Oh and the best part, we also prepared a set of buttons that appear directly in page / post edit screen – so you don’t have to insert shortcodes manually. Majority of shortcodes also supports advanced parameters that can be set without touching the code in UI manager that appears upon clicking. This is literally as easy as it gets.
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Full Feature List

  • Informative 404 page
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  • 80+ useful shortcodes
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  • Sitemap shortcode

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Recent posts via shortcodes

First column generates recent posts, second one generates popular posts.

Of course, you can have as many posts as you wish. Every aspect of this feed can be set up in the UI shortcode manager – you can change number of posts, dimension of thumbnail, whether to show title, meta data, read – more button etc.

Combine this with all the layout shortcodes and you get a huge number of possible combinations. It is fun!

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